Types of Flooring for Your Home

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Types of Flooring for Your Home Before you worry about the costs involved in updating your home flooring, remember that investing in your home will not only give your home a more modern atmosphere, but also may improve the market value of your home. It¿s also great to know that there are a variety of different home flooring options to choose from depending on your needs.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate is a very popular home flooring option. It comes in a variety of different styles colours and thicknesses. You can choose laminate flooring which resembles hard wood, stone or tiles.

Laminate flooring is also hard wearing, maintenance free, cheaper than solid wood and warmer than tiles. While it is versatile and perfect for many different settings, it is not recommended for use in bathrooms because water will damage laminate flooring.


Whether you choose to only place a rug in your living space or you decide to install wall-to-wall carpets, they go a long way to warming a room up and absorbing sound. There however are a few things to consider before you pick out the right colour, type and fibre.

For example, polyester carpets have great stain and fade resistance. Nylon carpets are the most durable and the best for high foot traffic. Wool is the best carpet fibre, offering excellent durability and a soft texture. Olefin is the least expensive carpet material, it is unaffected by UV rays stain resistant and it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

There are four main carpet types; texture, twist/frieze, loop/Berber and pattern, which you can choose between based on the area, foot traffic and the durability required.

What you may not know about carpets is that they improve the quality of your indoor air. Carpets trap dust and allergens and thereby reduce circulation. You need only vacuum 2-3 times a week to ensure that the dust remains out of the air.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Gone are the days of square 80¿s vinyl flooring with questionable patterns. New luxury vinyl flooring is more durable than traditional vinyl flooring, and it is appropriate for both residential and commercial use.

These days you have an array of modern styles and shapes. Luxury vinyl flooring can be appreciated in realistic wood or stone style finishes. The long plank shaped tiles come in either click or glue down variations.

Luxury vinyl flooring is; easy to maintain, stain resistant, scratch resistant, water resistant and slip resistant. It is warm and absorbs sound. It even comes in click-fit variations, which are easy to install and don¿t need any glue.

These are only three varieties of home flooring; there are also tiles and hard wood floorings. Choosing home flooring can be confusing, but take your time, be patient and compare all of your options and you will find just the right solution for you.

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