Top 5 Waterproof Headphones

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Waterproof MP3 Players and HeadphonesWhether for the sake of sweat, rain or swimming, you may find that these waterproof mp3 players and waterproof headphones are likely to meet your  adventurous needs. After all, who doesn¿t want to swim to the sound of their own personal ¿power mix¿?

Sony Waterproof Walkman with NFC and Bluetooth

First up, is the Sony Walkman MP3 player and waterproof headphone set. They are amongst not only the best looking, but also the best performing MP3 player and waterproof headphone set. They come in either 4GB or 16GB capacity and connect to each other via Bluetooth. While the headphones are waterproof up to 2m, unfortunately the actual MP3 player is only splash proof, with an ingress protection of 5. The MP3 player does however connect to the waterproof headphones via Bluetooth, so it¿s actually no problem at all. What¿s more; you can control your music on the actual headphones while you are in the water.

Zartek Sports Waterproof MP3 Player

In a style similar to that of the Sony Waterproof Walkman, the Zartek Waterproof MP3 Player wraps around your head to hold both earphones in place. Without wires which get in the way, this unit is a brilliant all-in-one option for those who prefer not to fuss with Bluetooth. The 4GB MP3 player is waterproof to 3m, floats and is rechargeable via USB.

Finis Neptune Waterproof 4GB MP3 Player

Also an all-in-one unit, the Finis Neptune is waterproof to 3m and produces very clear sound. What is different about this waterproof MP3 player is that is doesn¿t have in-ear headphones. The headphones use bone conduction audio transmission and effectively play music into your ear via your cheekbones. Most, if not all, underwater headphones are in-ear designs, which can be annoying to some. The unit simply clips onto your swimming goggles and you¿re ready to go.

Lavod 4GB Tropical Fever Waterproof MP3 Player

In the case of the Lavod Tropical Fever MP3 player, the waterproof headphones and the waterproof MP3 player are two separate units, some may find this design more comfortable. The headphones, instead of wrapping around your head, each earpiece is separate connecting to the player only by the earphone cable. If you¿re looking for additional functionality the Lavod Tropical Fever MP3 player also has a pedometer and lap counter function. This MP3 player is more multifunctional than the Finis Neptune which doesn¿t actually sound as clear above water, although it¿s incredible in water.

TOMTOP 4GB Waterproof MP3 Player

Lastly, the TOMTOP may not be as hydrodynamic, technologically advanced and beautifully designed as the other MP3 players, but this unit is equally waterproof and durable. The biggest difference is price as this waterproof MP3 player set with waterproof headphones comes in a fair bit cheaper than the others regardless of where you look.

Now that such things as waterproof headphones and waterproof MP3 players exist, audiophiles and adventurers may unite. Once you¿re set up and plugged in, you will wonder how you managed to satisfy your rigorous and adventurous lifestyle needs with the help of only one product. 

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