The Top 5 Power Banks

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The Top 5 Power Bank Portable Chargers for Smartphones and Tablets

These days, the thought of being stranded and powerless (or simply without a power bank portable charger) is nothing short of a nightmare. Who knows what we did before the advent of cell phones! Today they are indispensable. Nowadays we are less likely to trust strangers to help us when we are in need, which means a power bank portable charger may very well be the difference between getting home safely and not at all.

Features to Take into Account

When looking for the perfect power bank, there are some integral factors to be taken into account before sealing the deal¿

Voltage Capacity

Above and beyond brand, size and price, you need to make sure that the capacity (measured in milliamp hours/mAH) of the power bank is at least the same, but preferably higher than the device you wish to charge. In theory a power bank with a 1500mAH output will be able to fully charge a phone with a 1500mAH battery once before requiring a recharge. However, this output capacity is not guaranteed because a lot of power is lost, for example through heat and voltage conversion.

Input Rating and Output Rating

The input rating will relate to the speed at which the power bank is able to recharge once connected to a wall socket; the while the output rating will determine the speed at which the device will charge once connected to the power bank. The higher these figures, the faster the power bank will charge and recharge.

Output Ports

With higher voltage power banks you may as well charge more than one unit at a time. Of course, this means you will need more than one output port. Just remember: to do so. Just remember the more devices you have charging at one time, the slower they will charge.


Before you choose a power bank that is really cheap, make sure it has a warranty as well as short circuit and overcharge protection. These may seem like small afterthoughts, but they are very important when it comes to ensuring the longevity of your devices.

Our Top 5 Power Banks

LimeFuel Rugged L150XR

For the outdoorsy types, this 15000mAH power bank is rugged, high capacity and has an IP66 for water, dirt and shock protection.

RAVPower RP-PB13 Deluxe
This power bank offers a 14000mAh capacity while maintaining a compact and relatively lightweight build.

EC Technology 6000mAh
This power bank is not only compact and powerful enough to charge a tablet, but it also has an incredibly useful built-in flashlight.

Anker Astro Mini
With a 3200mAh, this Anker power bank may be on the smaller side but it still packs enough juice to help you squeeze out of a tight spot if your phone battery dies.

Zendure A2
This durable power bank is both portable and capable. Its 6000mAH capacity allows you to charge a phone or a tablet. It requires only 4 hours for recharging.

Having garnered some great reviews, these power bank portable chargers are among the most recognised brands, so now you¿re ready to get that oomph of juice you¿ve been looking for!

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