Tablet Buying Guide

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The tablet has become a household necessity like the computer and the smartphone. Growth of tablet use over the years has yielded countless brands, designs, sizes and tablet features. It has come to the point where selecting a tablet requires careful consideration.

Step 1: Operating system

We start the selection process with the operating system. The operating system determines how the applications are managed and the feel of the user interface. There are three main choices for operating systems.

Apple iOS

The Apple iOS is known for being very user friendly and easy to use.If you are looking for an intuitive and well tested OS, then Apple iOS will be for you. The only drawback of iOS is that it is not very customizable therefore it is not as flexible to what you want to do, but what it does it does well.


2. Android

Android is well liked and widely used. Android is very customizable, so it has a wide range of functionality. The drawback is that it is not as easy to use compared to Apple iOS however Android is still a very good OS.


3. Windows

Lastly we have the Windows operating system. The major advantage of using Windows OS, is that it has inter connectivity between other Windows OS devices, therefore it can connect to your phone, Xbox or PC. The drawback is that it's not as user friendly.


Step 2: Display size and weight

Now that you have chosen your operating system you need to decide what your tablet will be used for. The size will affect the portability of the tablet and the size of imaged displayed. The weight also affects portability, as even holding a 500 gram tablet for an extended period of time can take its toll.


If you would like to use your tablet for reading you generally want a relatively small tablet which does not weigh much. However, if you would like to use the tablet for games and other apps, a bigger display size might be more preferable.




Step 3: Features


When you select a tablet, the features available are an important aspect for day to day use. These features are directly linked to the OS that you have chosen. Each tablet differs from one another so there are several features which you need to keep in mind.







Important Features


Battery life. Consider how long the battery needs to last.


Applications. What apps are compatible with the tablet? What apps would you like to use?


Accessories. Do you need a keyboard, dock, a USB OTG (adapter that turns your mini USB port to a full sized port, allowing you to plug in other devices, such as mice, and flash drives)


Inter connectivity. Would you like to connect the tablet to your phone, laptop or TV?


Storage capacity. How much storage do you need?


Connectivity. Does it have Wi-Fi, cellular(3G/4G) or both?

Step 4: Evaluation of tablet

Now that you know what you want from your tablet it is time to narrow down the list to a few select devices. Check reviews and ratings. What problems have other users experienced? What features make it the best choice? Getting answer to these questions ensures that you have no problems once you have bough your tablet.

Step 5: Price and budget

You have finally reached the point where you are ready to purchase, however you need to keep in mind your budget. You can compare prices of the selected few devices and see which is affordable. You could also look into secondhand or refurbished tablet devices to save even further.


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