Bridal Jewellery for Your Special Day

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Tips on How to Choose Your Ideal Bridal Jewellery

Planning for your big day can be a bit daunting. From the flowers, the food, the venue and then down to choosing the perfect dress, these are all huge decisions that you, the bride-to-be need to get through in order to make sure that your special day is one that you can treasure forever.

With all the wedding planning and pre-wedding jitters, it is easy to overlook those little finishing touches that will complete your look. We are referring to your perfect bling, your wedding jewellery.

The Perfect Bridal Jewellery

Whether you are a woman who has an appreciation for simple elegance or a lover of extravagance, finding your wedding jewellery for your big day can be a difficult task. Do you go classic and naturally sparkly, or do you opt for rhinestones and diamonds? Yellow gold or white gold? Matt or polished? The array of wedding jewellery options is endless. You have the ring, tiara, necklace and earrings to think about. So where do you start? The experts advise that your dress can determine the type of jewellery, so let's start there.

Let Your Dress Lead the Way

The dress you choose reflects your style and personality and the jewellery you choose completes the look. Wedding dresses come in many different silhouettes and designs. Have you gone vintage with lace? Or princess with beading and crystals? What type of cut have you decided on? Believe it or not, but the actual dress cut also plays a role in selecting the right jewellery to finish your look.

Here are three top tips depending on your style and dress choice:

  • You¿ve chosen a classical lace dress. Opt for classic pearl wedding jewellery, matching earrings, bracelet and necklace; you also have a splendid colour choice from pure white to gold to apricot. Finish your look with a Pearl Tule Garter and Pearl Tiara or headband to add timeless elegance.


  • Your bridal dress is intricate with beautiful beading.Complete your look with diamonds to add sparkle and make you feel like a princess. After all, diamonds are a girl¿s best friend. Keep in mind when choosing a diamond tiara you need to choose one that suites the shape of your face and matches your dress.


  • You have decided on a plain and sophisticated gown. The best way to add some royal glamour is looking into a royal wedding inspired halo and delicate leaf design necklace and earrings, adding to your sophistication and making you shine on the day.

When choosing your bridal jewellery, always bear in mind that your dress plays an important role in deciding your wedding jewellery. For example, if you have gone for a detailed and glitzy dress you will need to balance your gown¿s look with your jewellery so that they do not clash, unless you decide to go all out with a Kim Kardashian inspired wedding and bling all the way.

They say your wedding day is over in the blink of an eye, however your photographer is there to capture every little detail for you to treasure forever. So make sure that when you look back at the photographs one day with your grandchildren that your bridal jewellery made you shine on your special day.

Choose your perfect bridal jewellery, feel and look beautiful on your unforgettable special day!

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