How to Buy a Used DSLR Camera

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DSLR Camera A Sharp Eye Ensures Years of Great Photo Shoots 

Camera technology is always advancing. While photographers try to keep up with the latest trends, it¿s not always a financially sustainable option for those practicing a hobby or starting off as a new photography professional. A great alternative to buying an expensive model is purchasing a used one instead. There are a few important things that you need to look out for when doing your shopping. First, a word or two on digital cameras.

Digital cameras have revolutionised the way we take pictures. A digital camera stores photos and videos onto a memory card or onto the camera¿s internal memory indigital format. With a digital camera, photographers don¿t need to print metres of negatives in order to assess the quality. Digital cameras are produced in the form of digital single lens reflex cameras (DSLR), bridge compact cameras and compact system cameras, to mention the most wide spread variants.

Photographers and those who are serious about taking photos often find that the DSLR camera is the perfect one for the job. This particular camera has many features that top those of the old, non-digital single lens reflex cameras, including:

Better lens quality

  • Adjustable lenses for manual exposure
  • Zoom ranges can be adjusted with the lens
  • Larger digital image sensors provide better quality photos
  • Saves images on internal memory or on the memory card

It goes without saying that the Digital SLR Camera is of a better quality than its lesser digital cousins and is thus naturally accompanied with a higher price tag. If you cannot afford to get your DSLR camera brand new, then buying a used one will suffice.
You will most likely end up with a very good deal providing you follow these simple steps:

Inspect the Shutter Count

The shutter count is similar to the odometer of a car; it records the number of pictures the camera has taken throughout its life, just as the odometer records the kilometres throughout the life span of a car. The mechanism providing the functionality of the shutter is delicate and once the camera has reached its actuated number of cycles, you will need to replace the instrument. Replacement is very expensive and for this reason it is important to check the number of cycles on the shutter count. There are online programs that will assist you with checking the shutter count of a particular Digital SLR camera.

Inspect the Sensor

The sensor uses digital technology to create a picture by incorporating light. The DSLR¿s sensor is the reason why it does not need to make use of a film to create images. The presence of scratches and damage can be a sign of deeper underlying problems with the sensor.

Inspect the Lens

Exposure of the lens to moisture over a prolonged period can result in fungus, which sometimes can not be cleaned. It is also important to make sure that the movement of the lens is fluent and that there are no other damages indicating that it may have been dropped or affected otherwise.

Inspect the Screen

Check for any damage on the LCD screen that may be an indication of how the camera was looked after in its former life. The presence of scratches, discolouration, dust and damage could mean that you will need to shell out money for a camera service.
Bonus Extras

A great plus that you may be lucky enough to find is a warranty or extras such as accessories that accompany the camera in the sale.
If you¿re happy with the overall condition of the camera, you are one step closer to enjoying some great photo the years to come.

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