Gaming PC Headset Buying Guide

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PC Gaming HeadsetWhat to Look for in a PC Gaming Headset

Whether you¿re listening for your enemy¿s footsteps or trying to communicate with your gaming buddies, you need the best gaming headset that you can get your hands on to enhance the game. All avid gamers agree that having crystal clear sound and microphone ability is vital in collaborating and communicating with your teammates and creating that ¿real life¿ gaming experience. Above all else, you need to be comfortable in your PC gaming headset for long periods of time to ensure uninterrupted gaming sessions.

There are a few important factors to consider when shopping around for your ideal gaming headset, to ensure that you get the most out of every gaming experience that you partake in.

Surround Sound vs. Stereo Sound

High definition audio in games generally require a surround sound setup within your headset. A 360 degree audio output provides you with a more realistic gaming session as sounds from the left and right surround you putting you into the game. Another benefit for the ultimate gamer is that the usually unheard rustling of leaves and footsteps will clearly be heard and allow for a better opportunity of finding your opposition for the ultimate engagement. A surround sound headset is designed to manipulate sound so that it bounces off from various angles giving you a fuller sound experience, which is crucial to any gamer. Stereo sound, on the other hand, makes use of two speakers and gives less of a three-dimensional effect as that of surround. Should you be new to gaming, why not give both a trial to see which one gives you a better experience.

Gaming Headset Design

An important feature of a gaming headset that should not be overlooked is comfort. A quality headset is adjustable and generally consists of lightweight materials with thick padding and a clear microphone with minimum interference.

Typical headset features include:

1.    Compatibility with various gaming consoles, mobile devices and televisions in addition to your PC
2.    Accessible controls on the sides of the headset
3.    A PC headset microphone, a standard feature with most brands
4.    Full range speakers for better sound quality

Wireless Gaming Headsets

If you are an active gamer, you will be able to move about freely with your wireless gaming headset, without being restricted by the length of a cable. You will also enjoy continuous communication even if you¿re AFK (Away From Keyboard). Also, if you¿re an enthusiastic gamer who makes sudden movements in reaction to the game; you don¿t want to be worrying about accidently ripping out the cable from your PC and disrupting your session.
The downside of a wireless gaming headset is the lifespan of the batteries. Once the batteries are run down, you will have to wait until they recharge as charging cables are usually too short to continue playing, so make sure you keep in fully charged.

Wired Gaming Headset

With a wired gaming headset, you don¿t need to worry about the batteries dying while you¿re in the middle of an important mission. In many cases, your wired headset is compatible to other devices as well. The big downside for most gamers is that with wired headsets, your movement can become restricted and the wires may pose a ¿tripping hazard¿, which can affect your game.

The Settings

Configuring your PC gaming headset shouldn¿t be too difficult and some headsets simply need to be paired via Bluetooth connectivity. For your convenience, many gaming headsets are already pre-set and ready for use from the time of purchase. If you struggle with the setup, a quick search online would assist you with sorting your configuration settings.

Your budget may not always allow you to purchase a premium headset, but a decent pair will go a long way to ensure a better gaming experience. Happy gaming!

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