How to Care for Jewellery

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Always Sparkling, Never Dull

Let’s admit it, no one intends to keep their precious possessions for a short period of time. Which is why taking care of your valuables is important. Follow our maintenance guidelines and enjoy your jewellery for longer.

By taking care of your cherished pieces, you are not only reinvigorating their appearance, but also sustaining their quality over time.

Here are our easy-to-follow 9 tips on jewellery care:

1.    Avoid exposing your precious gemstones to sunlight for a prolonged period of time, as this can tamper with their colour and durability.
2.    Put your jewellery on last. That way, you will not expose it to chemicals contained in your body lotions, hair and body sprays.
3.    After taking off your jewellery, use a lint-free cloth to wipe off any grease or stains it may have picked up from coming into contact with your body or from handling.
4.    A regular jewellery cleaning routine is essential. Use warm water, mild soap and a soft brush.
5.    Avoid cleaning your precious stones anywhere near a sink in case the stones come loose.
6.    For soft gems such as pearls, which scratch easily, substitute the soft brush for an unused make-up brush. After cleaning, avoid touching them until dry.   
7.    Store your jewellery in a fabric lined box separately or wrap each jewel in tissue to prevent scratches.
8.    When travelling, store your jewellery in padded boxes to avoid damage.
9.    Once a year, have your jewellery examined and cleaned by a professional jewellery cleaning company.

Now that you know how to take care of jewellery, go on and purchase your next piece.

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