How to Determine Your Face Shape

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Put Your Best Features Forward!


Have you ever heard someone say: "Oh wow! Those sunglasses really suit you, I wish they suited me!" Everyone has a unique face, which is why the very same hairstyle, makeup or sunglasses will look completely different on different people. 


Knowing your face shape is quite useful when it comes to choosing hats, eyewear, earrings and shirts. It might surprise you to know that being aware of the shape of your face is also very useful for applying makeup, because it enables you to highlight your best features and play down the features you are not so fond of. Lastly, identifying the shape of your face is extremely powerful when deciding on a hairstyle, it has the power to enhance your features tremendously. 



Here are two ways to determine your face shape; use the method that suits you best.


1. Stand in front of a mirror and draw the outline of your face.


This is a quick solution to determine your face shape. Stand in front of a mirror with your back up straight and shoulders back. Look directly into the mirror and remove hair out of your face. If you have a fringe, clip it back. Using lipstick, chalk or any non-permanent drawing marker sketch the outline of your face starting from your chin and then slowly work your way up (don't include your ears, just the edge of your face). Now you can step back and examine your art work. Using the guide and images provided below, you can now determine the shape of your face. Clean the mirror, and there you go: as easy as 1, 2, 3!


2. Using a tape measure, measure out each part of your face.


This method is a lot more precise, but also requires more time and patience. You will need to find a room that has good lighting and a large mirror. Bring along a tape measure (preferably a fabric one that is flexible) as well as a piece of paper and a pen. Remember to record all measurements! 



Step 1: Measure the width of your face


To do this, you need to place the tape measure at the outer corner of your eye, then extend the tape measure keeping it in a straight line until you reach the outer corner of your other eye. The tape measure should be at the top of your cheekbones. 


Step 2: Measure your forehead


Look for the widest part of your forehead; this is normally right in the middle of your hairline and your eyebrows. Now measure your forehead from one end to the other (horizontally). 


Step 3: Measure the length/ height of your face


Starting from the middle of your hairline, measure all the way over your nose until you reach the tip of your chin. 


Step 4: Measure your jaw line


Start measuring just below the bottom of your ear until you reach the tip of your chin.

Using the guide and images provided below, you can now determine the shape of your face. 




Types of Face Shapes


There are six types of face shapes. To determine which one is yours, take a look at the guide below.


1. Round


Simply put, the outline of your face will resemble a round circle. This means the width and length of your face are fairly equal. Your chin is quite rounded and your cheekbones will be quite wide.





2. Oval


Your face is longer than what it is wide, with a forehead that is a little bit wider than your chin. The shape of your chin is normally a soft curve. You will also have narrower cheekbones than people with a round face. 



3. Square


If you have a square face, your face is as long as it is wide. A square face is normally noticeable by the broad forehead and strong cheekbones. Your chin will have a very angular, clear-cut shape. 



4. Rectangular/Oblong


Rectangular or oblong faces are very similar to square faces, except they are much longer than what they are wide. Examine the outline of your face; if, it resembles a tall rectangle with rounded corners, then you know you have a rectangular face. You will also find that your chin has a slight curve, while your jawline, cheeks and forehead are all the same width.


5. Diamond


To determine a diamond face, first look at the chin. Normally, pointed chins are significant with diamond shaped faces. The chin and forehead are narrower in comparison to the cheekbones (that is, you will have high cheekbones). An easy way to determine this is to imagine lines around the borders of your face; they should create a diamond shape. 


6. Heart


Heart shaped faces are synonymous with a broad forehead and a small, pointed chin. Cheekbones are normally quite strong. Heart-shaped faces are easily recognisable by a window's peak at the hairline. A widow's peak is a v-shaped hairline that occurs in the middle of the forehead. 



7. Triangle


The widest point of the triangle would be your jawline, therefore your jawline is wider than your forehead. Your face will be longer than it is wide and your chin will be very square or have a flat shape. A triangle shaped face is also has a very narrow forehead in comparison to any other point on the face. 


Now that you know yourself better, you can surf the internet confidently in quest of advice on the best hairstyle, makeup, sunglasses.. for your particular face shape.

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