bidorbuy Aims to Empower Women on National Women's Day

woman at seminar(5 August 2005) 'Empower' - according to the Oxford English Dictionary - means "to give authority or power to" and "authorise and give strength and confidence to". One of the greatest empowerment tools is knowledge and through mediums such as the Internet, this empowerment tool can be developed and applied successfully.

With National Women's Day being celebrated on 9 August, the country is again paying tribute to the major strides that South African women have made since 1994. Over the past decade, women have played a pivotal role in South Africa and have been empowered in many ways. Many women now own their own business, play meaningful roles in the private and public sectors, which not only benefits them, but our society as a whole.

bidorbuy, one of South Africa's largest online marketplaces, believes that every woman should be given the opportunity and freedom to empower themselves. Through its online site, provides women with a unique empowerment opportunity - making it possible for them to start their own business through selling online. Not only does this opportunity present women with the ideal platform to turn their dreams into reality, but it contributes to one of the greatest empowerment tools - access to knowledge.

As a result, bidorbuy would like to pay tribute to the women of South Africa who are dedicated to making a difference in society. Therefore, to coincide with the celebration of National Women's Day and the empowerment of South African women, bidorbuy will be giving away tickets to one of their upcoming selling seminars. These seminars are intended for those who wish to learn about making an income or starting a business out of selling on and require the basic operational and technical knowledge to go about doing this.

About bidorbuy

bidorbuy is South Africa's largest online marketplace. Established in 1999, the company has created a safe and convenient way for people to buy and sell goods online. As a virtual trading place that brings buyers and sellers together and allows them to buy and sell virtually anything at a fixed price or in an exciting auction format, bidorbuy has created a thriving online marketplace.