bidorbuy's Weird, Wacky and Wonderful Growth

At the end of 2006, bidorbuy is reporting its most active year yet - with over 5.7 million page impressions per month. This is unquestionably testament to the fact that South Africans are progressively becoming more open to letting their fingers do the walking when it comes to purchasing a variety of goods online.

The online site now boasts over 8,000 sellers and an ever increasing user base - making the opportunities endless. Today, it has become possible to sell almost anything on the site and the company's broad product range is apparent of the fact that sellers are making use of this medium to earn money.

"We are excited to be at the forefront of the market when it comes to providing the platform for individuals to sell and buy goods with ease and convenience online," says Gillian Meier, business manager at bidorbuy. "What has become particularly interesting in recent months is the variety of unique, weird and wacky items sold on the site. It is fascinating to witness the types of things that individuals are selling online and therefore navigating the site has become an entertaining and intriguing experience."

The phrase, 'if it is out there you can sell it', definitely rings true when one considers the array of items sold online. "There are items being offered on bidorbuy that consumers would never expect to be able to purchase online and, as such, selling online becomes a viable option to make money - no matter what an individual has to offer," says Gillian.

Below are a few of the weird and wacky items sold on bidorbuy:

  • Plastic surgery
  • 1 matchstick
  • Breast milk>
  • Tombstone
  • 1/2 drunk can of Coke with a famous DJ's lipstick on the straw
  • One man auctioned off his girlfriend for a date (to put her to better use according to him)
  • Another person offered a service to break up with individuals partners on their behalf
  • And, believe it or not, someone sold a slightly used live cockroach for R1 with a money back guarantee!

Although these items are certainly the wackiest sold online, bidorbuy is also a serious business. The site offers an online shopping experience of unsurpassed ease and convenience selling real products of true value. This is evident in bidorbuy's recent increase in turnover from R3.9 million in sales during October 2006, to over R5 million in November 2006.

"When looking at this extraordinary product list, it is certainly clear that bidorbuy caters for the variety of tastes and preferences that make up our Rainbow Nation - regardless of what they are! As South Africans become even more accustomed to shopping online, bidorbuy looks forward to offering individuals around the country an exciting and simple purchasing experience, in an environment where almost anything is a mouse click away," concludes Gillian.