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If there can be considered one type of clothing that seems to be drastically overpriced and a futility to buy, it would be clothing for young children. Considering the fact that until an infant is about 9 months old they do not move, and before the age of 3 it would be safe to assume their activities will rarely cause damage to their apparel, spending huge amounts of money to clothe this segment of society could be considered a waste. Not to say that parents do not hunt for ways to have their children look their best most of the time; the cost is usually simply overwhelming. In the days when there were usually vast amounts of 'hand-me-downs' available to families it was not so much an issue as it has become. Finding affordable sources for children’s' clothing has become more and more difficult.

What has become a relatively new and incredibly adaptable resource is online marketplaces. Being able to browse literally thousands of items, buyers can pick and choose items at their leisure, finding replacements for lost or damaged pieces of a set - even locate vintage items they remember having worn themselves from old pictures.

The online marketplace is a mode of savings even in normal economic times, but with the financial climate as it is in the world today there is no better time to begin using a resource that, quite honestly, has little or no cost in and of itself. Never before has there been a utility that makes available virtually a nation-wide ‘yard sale’ at the tips of your fingers.

The limits are only seen by those of a shopper’s imagination. If wanting to outfit a newborn in a certain style or pattern, and at the same time have her older sister be able to ‘match’, this is the tool you *must* use. It may require more than one purchase, they will likely not come from the same seller, and they may very well not even arrive from the same continent, but if a buyer desires something specific, 99 times out of 100, the online marketplace will be the vehicle to make that vision a reality.

There are, of course, points to consider when acquiring baby clothing via this medium. Unless the listing says, and is truthful, the item is ‘New With Tags’, what you are buying will likely have been worn by another child. Look closely at descriptions and be wary of sellers that do not offer pictures of what they are selling. Know what you are looking for before you get to the final buying phase. Knowing the names of good manufacturers is good information to start with as well. And finally, keep in mind the well known adage, ‘Buyer Beware’. Online marketplaces have become one of the safest and most rewarding modes of shopping in recent years. The website is South Africa's largest such online marketplace. Established in 1999, the company has created a safe and convenient way for people to buy and sell goods online. Never before have so many choices been made available online to South Africans, and at prices that are far below what buying the same thing new would cost. The money saved could well be used to purchase even more clothing, the end result being simply two to four times more of the items a buyer wants, for the same monetary outlay.

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