Incorrect banking details supplied

Thank you for your e-mail.
Please be advised the banking details on our system seem to be incorrect.  We attempted to debit your account however the bank has advised the account details submitted are incorrect. Please confirm your banking details by logging onto our website via My Bidorbuy.
To change banking details you would need to log into My bidorbuy, select the Selling tab and under Fee Management where you would find the option - Fee Payment Method - select the payment option required from the drop down menu and then click the Submit button - you can then change your banking details here.
Please note - in order for you to become a seller, a valid south African bank account is required or a credit card that is accepted around the world e.g. Visa, Mastercard, American Express etc.
Your seller status has been removed and will only be re-instated once a successful debit order is processed.
Please note, we do not accept post bank accounts as we seem to have a problem debiting these accounts, nor can we debit foreign bank accounts.
Once you have updated or confirmed your details please advise us via this address -  Thank you.