Listing Policy

Listing Policy

To promote a safe, fair and enjoyable trading experience for all users, bidorbuy has established a set of listing policies to ensure that items listed adhere to a minimum standard, making it easier for all to transact on the bidorbuy website.

This Listing Policy is mentioned in clause 4.4.4 of the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Site and must be adhered to by all users. The following policies apply to all listings:

1. Listings of items that are not allowed:

1.1. The following items in section 1 may not be listed on bidorbuy and it is the sole responsibility of the seller who lists items to ensure that the listings do not include any of the following:

1.1.1. Stolen goods.

1.1.2. Illegally imported goods.

1.1.3. Banned substances or pharmaceuticals that require a prescription according to South African Law.

1.1.4. Pirated or counterfeit goods of any nature including but not limited to, software, Movies, Music, Clothing, Toys, Fragrances,Watches or any item that would infringe on copyright or trademark laws.

1.1.5. Goods and Services that could by nature be deemed harmful or dangerous to persons or property either directly or indirectly.

1.1.6. Products that contain or produced from Ivory including but not limited to: Raw Ivory, Jewellery, Carvings, Antiques.

1.1.7. X-rated or pornography DVD’s in accordance with the FPB Act.

1.1.8. Any goods and services that are deemed as inappropriate for sale on this site at the sole discretion of bidorbuy.

1.1.9. Goods and Services of which the sale and/or export would be in contravention of South African law.

1.1.10. Offers to give away products or services for free.

2. Categories that items are listed in:

2.1. Items should be listed in the correct category that caters for the type of item.

2.2. Listing the same product in multiple categories are not allowed.

3. Item condition:

3.1. Listed condition should always be true reflection of the actual condition of the item being sold.

3.2. Misrepresentation of the item condition is not allowed under any circumstance eg. Listing an item as new when it is second hand.

4. Titles, descriptions and images:

4.1. Titles and descriptions must be an accurate reflection of what is sold.

4.2. Misrepresenting of brand names or other words to attract buyers to listings is not allowed.

4.3. Information used in the listing description must be clear and easy to understand:

4.3.1. Descriptions must clearly indicate exclusions or missing parts of items sold in the listing. For example: Selling a phone without a charger (This is because a charger is normally included when purchasing a phone.

4.3.2. Keyword spamming or the inappropriate use of keywords to manipulate search results or listing rankings are not permitted.

4.3.3. The use of profanity and offensive language and images is not allowed.

4.4. The use of images in listings:

4.4.1. The sole use of stock images in item descriptions are only allowed when listing new items.

4.4.2. Listings of secondhand goods must contain original images of the actual item as part of the description and the sole use of stock images on these listings are not allowed.

4.4.3. Images used must not infringe of copyright and trademark law and users must have permission to use images that are under copyright.

5. Pricing

5.1. Anything that attempts to circumvent paying bidrorbuy fees is not allowed, for example: Selling of catalogues, Cross selling, upselling.

5.2. The selling of items at nominal values to circumvent the paying of bidorbuy fees or to get the contact information of the buyer is not allowed. Nominal amounts include R0.01, R0.10, R1.00 or any other amount that bidorbuy deems nominal.

5.3. The advertising of items no charge in order for the buyer and seller to increase their positive rating score is not allowed.

5.4. Listing items that requires an additional purchase, swop or trade in is not allowed.

6. Shipping Terms and Charges:

6.1. Delivery costs should be indicated on the listing.

6.2. Delivery times must be clearly indicated on listing:

6.2.1. Deliver times must be quoted in days. (Quoting delivery times in working or business days is allowed).

6.2.2. Estimated time of delivery may not exceed a 10-day period between earliest and latest expected delivery dates. For example, stating: “Door to door delivery in 7 to 10 days” would be acceptable whereas stating “Door to door delivery in 15 to 45 business days” would not be allowed.

6.3. Unreasonably high shipping charges on listings including insurance is not allowed. Shipping charges may only include the cost of delivery, packaging materials and insurance. bidorbuy in its sole discretion, reserves the right to charge a 5% penalty fee calculated on the total shipping amount to sellers whose shipping charges are deemed excessive, or to revoke selling privileges of infringing users.

6.4. Shipping or handling fees may not be charged on electronically distributed goods.

6.5. Items shipped from outside of South Africa must make it clear to the Buyer that it is being shipped from an international location.

6.6. Items shipped from outside South Africa must also make it clear that there may be additional charges such as Vat, Import duties, clearing fees etc.

7. Links and Contact details:

7.1. Auction and Buy Now listings may not include any contact details which would include but not limited to, email addresses, website addresses, telephone numbers or physical addresses.

7.2. External links on listings that link away from the domain is not permitted with exception to links that go to manufacturer web pages to provide buyers with further information on the product (independent 3rd party information pages).

7.3. Links that link to sites where the product can be purchased are not allowed.

7.4. Links to sites where the buyer can obtain the contact details of the seller to conclude the purchase off the bidorbuy platform is not allowed.

7.5. Classified listings and categories where a listing fee is paid upfront for the listing may include contact details and links to external websites (examples of this is where auctions and buynows are listed in the property and specific car categories).

8. Payment

8.1. Sellers may not offer Lay-by’s as a payment option to buyers.

8.2. Sellers based in South Africa may not accept Pay Pal payment from buyers based in South Africa for goods to be delivered inside of South Africa.

8.3. Once payment is received the items must be shipped out as soon as possible.

8.4. Payments received via the bobpay payment service are guaranteed by bidorbuy and sellers may not withhold shipment until a payout request is processed from bidorbuy.

9. Listing Abuse, manipulation

9.1. Seller may not manipulate or abuse the listing service to get listings featured more prominently or to spam the bidorbuy website. This includes but is not limited to:

9.1.1. Repeated item relisting with short listing durations.

9.1.2. Keyword spamming

9.1.3. Spamming categories with multiple listings of the same or similar items.

9.1.4. Listing the same items in multiple categories.

9.1.5. Sellers who are found to be abusing the listing service will receive a warning and could also be charged excess listing fee of R 0.10 per listing that are over the free listing threshold (The free listing allowance is calculated as the greater of: 100 listing per week calculated from Sunday to Saturday or the maximum number of sales by a seller in a week over the past six weeks multiplied by five).

10. Shill bidding:

10.1. Bidding on your own listings or items to inflate or manipulate the price or the auction is not allowed.

10.2. Having family members or friends bid on items to manipulate pricing is not allowed.

10.3. Buying accounts registered and used for shill bidding will be disabled.

10.4. Sellers that engage in shill bidding could have their account restricted or disabled.

10.5. Restricted selling accounts may be required to pay a R500 administration fee to have the account restriction reviewed.

11. Charity and Competition listings:

11.1. Listing of items soliciting entries for a competition or charitable donations are subject to the approval of bidorbuy.

11.2. Charity and NPO Fundraising numbers must be provided on registering an account to list items.

11.3. Approved Charities will have access to list items in the charity section on bidorbuy.

12. Market prices:

12.1. Market prices are not allowed to be inflated to create a perception of savings

12.2. Market prices should only be used if it can be easily verified with real world examples.

13. Stock availability and drop-shipping:

13.1. Items listed should be in stock and ready to be shipped.

13.2. Items sold that are not in stock or where the seller is not able to ship the goods may not be listed. (This may lead to negative ratings and the SNC being rejected).

13.3. Sellers that wish to list items that are drop-shipped should obtain permission from bidorbuy prior to listing these items and consent to payouts and listing counts being restricted at the discretion of bidorbuy.

13.4. Listing of Pre-Orders is only allowed after obtaining express consent from bidorbuy. Sellers listing unauthorised pre-order items will have their listings removed and may forfeit listing fees on such items.

14. Discretion:

14.1. Bidorbuy in its sole discretion reserves the right to remove any listing deemed necessary without having to notify the seller of such a listing.

15. Listing items with special requirements:

15.1. Listing of South African Coins and Bank notes according to the South African Reserve Bank Act 90 of 1989:

The following items are not allowed in the South African Coins and Notes Categories and users that list any such items will be guilty of an offence and could face possible imprisonment in terms of the South African Reserve Bank Act 90 of 1989.:

15.1.1. Any coin or note of the South African Reserve bank that has been forged, altered or unlawfully issued may not be listed on bidorbuy.

15.1.2. If a user without the authority of the South African Reserve Bank, engraves or makes upon any material whatsoever any words, figures, marks, letters, lines or devices the print whereof resembles in whole or in part any word, figures, letters, marks, lines or devices peculiar to and used in or upon any note of the South African Reserve Bank or any coin which is legal tender and then lists that item on the bidorbuy site.

15.1.3. Listing images of South African currency that does not have the words “Image – not legal tender” printed diagonally across the image

Please read the specific requirements for listing South African Coins and Notes!

15.2. Nazi Related items:

15.2.1. Item that display Nazi or Nazi Related icons, emblems, and symbols including the Nazi SS, 3rd Reich and Swastika may not be listed on bidorbuy.

15.2.2. Listings where the display of Nazi or Nazi Related icons, emblems, and symbols including the Nazi SS, 3rd Reich and Swastika has been obscured or covered may not be listed on bidorbuy.

15.2.3. German World War II memorabilia that does not exhibit emblems, symbols or icons referring to the Nazi's (as indicated above) may be listed.

15.2.4. German stamps and coins produced during the World War II period can be listed.

15.2.5. Books and documentaries detailing world history and events revolving around the Second World War time period (which may exhibit imagery referencing Nazi's, the Nazi SS or the swastika) can be listed.

15.2.6. Items, documentation or any matter promoting violence, hatred and racial prejudice or religious contempt may not be listed on bidorbuy.

15.3. Listing of Gemstones:

15.3.1. Diamonds: Definition:

• Diamonds are defined as a carbon crystal mineral with the following properties:

• Mohs hardness: 10

• Specific Gravity: 3.52

• Refractive Index: 2.41 Diamonds must be clearly described as natural or synthetic Stones not meeting this definition cannot be listed in the diamond category on bidorbuy. Users posting incorrect stones under the diamonds category on bidorbuy will receive an immediate warning and have the respective items removed.

15.3.2. Market values: All diamonds with market values advertised must include a diamond report/ certificate from a certified gemmologist. Retail values must be within 100% of current Rappaport Pricing.

15.3.3. Treatments: Diamonds must be clearly described as synthetic or treated. Sellers may only make use of the following terminology when selling diamonds that are synthetic or treated in any manner.

• Synthetic

• Laboratory grown

• Man-made

• Colour enhanced

• Clarity enhanced

• Laser drilled

• Heat treated

• No abbreviations are permitted

• Sellers must specify in the listing description whether the diamond is natural, synthetic / man-made / laboratory grown, enhanced or altered in any manner from the natural state.

15.3.4. Coloured Gemstones:

The seller must disclose the following: Whether the stone is natural. Whether the stone is synthetic. Whether the stone has been subjected to treatments or fills of any description.

15.3.5. Coloured Gemstone Market Values: No market values may be advertised for coloured gemstones. Market values may not appear in the market value section, the listing title, the description, the listing warranties or the shipping section.

Violation of this policy may result in a range of actions, including, but not limited to, listing cancellations/deletion, listing restrictions, suspension or restriction of your bidorbuy account and forfeiting of bidorbuy fees on cancelled/deleted listings.