Prohibited Goods and Services

The following are Prohibited Goods and Services mentioned in clause 4.4.4 of the Terms and Conditions of Use of this Site and you may not sell them or offer them for sale on this Site:

(a)   stolen goods;

(b)   illegally imported goods;.

(c)   banned substances and pharmaceuticals that require a prescription according to South African law;

(d)   pirated or counterfeit goods of any nature, including software, movies, music, clothing or any item that would infringe on Trademark laws;

(e)   goods and services that are dangerous, or which may cause harm to persons or property;

(f)   goods and services the sale or export, or purchase or import of which, would be in contravention of any law; and

(g)   goods or services that we advise, in our sole discretion, are inappropriate for sale on this Site.