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If you are already registered as a Buyer on bidorbuy, click on the Sell an Item link on the main menu under 'Sell' in the top navigation bar. If this is the first time you are registering on bidorbuy, click on the Join Now link in the top navigation bar and complete all the required fields. You then can start selling immediately as a Basic Seller. To become an Advanced Seller, you need to supply additional information.

Basic Sellers can sell on Auction, Buy Now and now via a Classified Advert. bidorbuy receives payments from Buyers on their behalf using bobPay EFT if listing a Buy Now or Auction. When you register as a basic Seller, you may start selling immediately. No bank details or credit card required.

However, in order to list a Classified Advert, you will be required to pay up front via credit card before the listing is displayed on the site.  Alternatively, if you have a credit in your bidorbuy account, the fees will be debited immediately from your existing credit balance.  If you do not have sufficient credit the full amount owed will have to be paid via credit card.

Advanced Sellers can sell on Auction, Buy Now and through Classifieds. They can choose which payment methods to accept from Buyers and can use all Paid Listing Enhancement options. They can also make personal offers to Buyers. When you apply to register as an Advanced Seller, you may have to wait several days for your status to be approved. Bank details or credit card is required.

When you apply to become an Advanced Seller, you need to disclose your bank account or your credit card details. bidorbuy will attempt to debit R10 from your account. That amount is credited back to your bidorbuy account and can be used to pay future bidorbuy fees. This R10 take-and-return exercise serves to verify that you have supplied the correct account details. View the Fee Rate Card for sellers.

bidorbuy needs your bank account or credit card details in order to debit all the fees incurred on the site. While anyone may list an unlimited number of items on bidorbuy absolutely free of charge, a fee of between 1% and 5% of the selling price is levied on all goods sold through the site. That fee is called the success fee and all the Sellers’ fees are debited at the beginning of each month for the previous month.

The confirmation of your bank account details may take several – usually five - days. The credit card confirmation is as a rule available immediately.

While you are waiting for your account details to be confirmed, you will have limited access to the bidorbuy system. However, in most cases you will be able to start selling immediately after completing the Seller registration process.