Billing Statement

Billing Statement

1. Fees

:: Fees Only Apply to Sellers ::

At bidorbuy you can register, browse, search, bid on or buy items at any time, and with no charge. However, as a Seller when selling an item, you will be charged a Success Fee on successful sales only and in some cases a Listing Fee (e.g Priority Listing Fee).

1.1. Listing Fees

1.1.1. Standard Listing Fee:

None - it's completely FREE (Please note - Certain categories and Classified listings attract a Listing fee, please see the Fee Rate Card for more information).

1.1.2. Enhanced Listing Fee:

You can optionally select to have your item(s) featured by creating enhanced listings. See the Fee Rate Card for detailed information on these fees. Please note - Enhanced Listing Fees are non-refundable and are charged even if no sale took place.

1.2. Success Fees

The Success Fee only applies if you successfully sell an item on bidorbuy. You will be charged a Success Fee based on the Winning Bid Amount for your item(s).

Standard Auctions

See the Fee Rate Card for detailed information on these fees.

Buy Now Items

If an item is purchased using the Buy Now function at the Buy Now price, for the purpose of calculating the Success Fee this Buy Now price corresponds to the Winning Bid Amount of a Standard Auction. Success Fees for Buy Now Items are therefore calculated in the same manner as Success Fees for Standard Auctions.


No Success fee is payable, however, certain Listing Fees do apply - see Fee Rate Card for more details.

Personal Offer Items

As a Seller you may optionally make offers to your runner up bidders at the amount they bid. If an item is purchased using the Second Offer function you will be charged a Success Fee based on the Second Offer price corresponding to the Winning Bid Amount of a Standard Auction. Second Offer Items are only available to previous bidders on closed Auctions as an offer initiated by the Seller for a certain period no more than one month after the close of the item.

Items That Are Sold to Runners-up

In the event the item is sold to the runner-up because the winning bidder defaulted, the Success Fee will be calculated using the Bid Amount of the runner-up's bid.

Here Is How the Success Fee Will Be Calculated:

  • If your item sold for R250.00 or less, your Success Fee is simply 5% of the Winning Bid Amount.
  • If the Winning Bid Amount is more than R250.00 and less than R5,000.00, then the Success Fee will be 5% on the first R250.00 (i.e. R12.50) plus 4% on the amount over the first R250.00.
  • If the Winning Bid Amount is more than R5,000.00, then the Success Fee will be 5% on the first R250.00 plus 4% on the following R4,750.00 (i.e. R190.00), plus 3.5% on the amount over R5,000.00.


  • If your item is sold for R150.00 then the Success Fee will be 5% of R150.00 - i.e. R7.50.
  • If your item is sold for R2,400.00 then the Success Fee will be 5% on the first R250.00 (i.e. R12.50) plus 4% on R2,150.00, being the amount over R250.00, which comes to R86.00. In total the Success Fee will be R98.50 (i.e. R12.50 + R86.00).
  • If your item is sold for R8,000.00 then the Success Fee will be 5% on the first R250.00 (i.e. R12.50) plus 4% on the following R4,750.00 (i.e. R190.00) plus 3.5% on R3,000.00, being the amount over R5,000.00, which comes to R105.00. In this case the total Success fee will be R307.50 (i.e. R12.50 + R190.00 + R105.00).

2. Invoicing

You will be invoiced once a month, on the first working day of every month, for the activity on your bidorbuy account over the past month. An Electronic Tax Invoice/Statement will then be emailed to you.

You can view your bidorbuy account status at any time by accessing your bidorbuy account in the Member's area on the site.

3. Payments

There are three options for paying your bidorbuy fees:

  • Using your credit card on file
  • Bank Debit Order
  • bobPay debit

IMPORTANT - By registering as a Seller on our site you give bidorbuy permission to charge/bill/deduct any fees or amounts owed from your nominated bank account, credit card registered on the site or available bobPay credit balance.

Debit Orders are subject to the following terms which you agree to:

3.1. I/We hereby authorise you to issue and deliver payment instructions to your banker for collection against my/our nominated account at my/our nominated bank on condition that the sum of such payment instructions will never exceed my/our obligations as agreed to in the Agreement.

3.2. The individual payment instructions so authorised to be issued must be issued and delivered monthly on or after the dates when the obligation in terms of the Agreement is due and the amount of each individual payment instruction may not be more or less than the obligation due.

3.3. I/we agree that the first payment instruction will be issued and delivered on or after registration as a seller. Subsequent payment instructions will continue to be delivered in terms of this authority until the obligations in terms of the Agreement have been paid or until this authority is cancelled by me/us by giving you notice in writing of not less than 30 days and sent by electronic mail, prepaid registered post or delivered to your address.

3.4. MANDATE - I/we acknowledge that all payment instructions issued by you shall be treated by my/our nominated bank as if the instructions had been issued by me/us personally.

3.5. CANCELLATION - I/we agree that although this authority and mandate may be cancelled by me/us, such cancellation will not cancel the Agreement. I/we also understand that I/we can not reclaim amounts, which have been withdrawn from my/our account (paid) in terms of this authority and mandate if such amounts were legally owing to you.

3.6. ASSIGNMENT - I/We acknowledge that the party hereby authorised to effect the drawing(s) against my/our account may not cede or assign any of its rights to any third party without my/our prior written consent and that I/we may not delegate any of my/our obligations in terms of this contract/authority to any third party without prior written consent of the authorised party.

Your credit card or bank account will be automatically charged / debited within 14 days of your Tax Invoice/Statement being issued.

If you are a Basic Seller, any fees incurred will be automatically debited from your current bobPay credit balance. If you list Classified adverts and use enhancements, you will be required to pay the fees in advance, either via credit card or with your available bobPay credit balance (if there is insufficient credit available, the full amount will be payable via credit card immediately). If you register as an Advanced Seller, you will be debited R10 (a take and return exercise) to validate the account details registered, the R10 is then credited back to your bidorbuy account. This applies to any changes in banking or credit card details.

You are responsible to ensure that there are sufficient funds for payment of your bidorbuy account every month. It is therefore your responsibility to check your current bidorbuy account balance from the Member's Area and request a Tax Invoice/Statement if necessary.

We require payment in full each month on bidorbuy accounts. Failure to make a payment, causing your bidorbuy account to become overdue, will result in your bidorbuy account incurring extra charges. If your account is disabled or blacklisted due to non-payment, we reserve the right to charge a re-activation fee of R500. Overdue bidorbuy accounts will be charged interest at the current Nedbank Limited prime interest rate from time to time and you could also be made liable for any legal fees incurred by bidorbuy on the attorney and own client scale including collection commission and tracing costs incurred. Your permission to sell on bidorbuy may be suspended for non- or part-payment of fees.

bidorbuy will attempt to debit any outstanding balance on your bidorbuy account from the previous month on the 7th of each month (or the nearest working day thereafter). If your account is settled before the 5th of the month bidorbuy will not attempt to debit your credit card or bank account.

4. Credits and Refunds (including SNC's - Sale Not Completed)

Credits are applicable for Success Fees only (Listing Fees and Enhanced Listing Fees are non refundable), and may be issued at the discretion of bidorbuy in the following cases:

  • The Buyer has not responded to your attempts to contact them during a period of 7 days after the end of the Auction or Buy Now sale.
  • The Buyer does not fulfill the deal (this includes the Buyer backing out or not paying, having a financial or family emergency, or claiming that the terms of sale are unacceptable).
  • The Buyer's payment fails (this includes the Buyer's cheque bouncing or the Buyer stopping payment going through for some reason).
  • The Buyer returns the item and you refund the money.
  • The actual sale price is lower than the highest Winning Bid Amount.
  • One or more of the Buyers back out in a multiple quantity Auction or Buy Now.
  • The item is sold to the runner up because the winning bidder defaulted.

Credits can only be claimed 7 days after the close of the Auction or Buy Now sale, and no later than 60 days after the close of the Auction or Buy Now sale. Before you can claim a credit, you must have attempted to contact the Buyer at least 3 times via email. (We may request you to forward these emails to us at any time, so please save copies of them.) To claim a credit, you will need to use the File a SNC Alert Wizard. Please Note - should you retract an SNC Alert you are still liable for paying the Success Fees for that particular transaction as we then deem the transaction to have been concluded or payment received.

If your credit request is successful, a credit will be made to your bidorbuy account within 14 days of your credit request being approved. A refund can then be requested. Refunds will not be given for any complimentary credits to your bidorbuy account.

If in any event bidorbuy, in its sole discretion, finds that a user files invalid or fraudulent SNC (Sale Not Complete) claims, we reserve the right to immediately suspend, disable or blacklist the account and remove the ability to access or trade on the bidorbuy platform.